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In the studio for our new EP

The Vigor has finally escaped from that North Korean prison and is back with a fresh batch of new songs! Take that, Kim Jong Un!

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shots from the 4th street arts and music festival in Jersey City 10/13


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One of 2 songs from our EP - enjoy!

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Our interview at TCNJ’s WTSR 91.3FM “Local Noise”!

1. Interview Part 1 @0:00
2. House of Cards @6:30
3. Surf Song @12:21
4. Interview Part 2 @16:20
5. Your Dad @21:22
6. Queen @24:35

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Mark your calendars! 10/13 The Vigor will be playing the Fourth Street Art and Music Festival in Jersey City :)

Also, check us out at to stay updated!

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The Vigor would like to thank the folks at WTSR 91.3FM and the Local Noise radio show for having us in today for an interview and live studio session! We’ll keep you posted on when the session will be aired on the radio. For those outside of the Trenton area, the session will also be streamed on their website Open Your Mind!

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